Tourism is traditionally associated with great opportunities of growth with relatively small investments in physical and human capital, but also with high levels of negative externalizes, particularly referred to the environment. Sometimes those externalizes are easy to be quantified even though are difficult to be internalized because of poor management schemes.  

(with Stephane Auray) October 2020  

This paper provides a VARX approach for the estimation of electricity demand in France. Our methodology takes into account the complex relationship between weather variables and electricity demand, as well as the correlation between electricity and macroeconomic variables.

(with Stephane Auray and Benoit Ravel) - 2019, Economie et Statistique / Economics and Statistics, 513, 91–103.

Using an unique dataset containing millions of bi-annual meter readings of electricity consumption within France from 2007 and 2015, we estimate the price elasticity of electricity expenditure of private households. 

IZA World of Labor 2017: 332 - January 2017

Public sector jobs are created because governments opt to provide goods and services produced directly by public employees. Governments, however, may also choose to regulate the size of the public sector in order to stabilize targeted national employment levels.